MC Visual Concepts High School Recruiting


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Are you trying to get recruited?  MC Visual Concepts can help.

 Student athletes and their parents
need a practical and developed strategy to secure college sports scholarships.

MC Visual Concepts  have an intimate and professional knowledge of what college coaches and recruiters are looking for.


 Give yourself an edge with a Highlight DVD.

MC Visual Concepts films can create a highlight DVD of your seasons.

The DVD will highlight all of the skills college recruiters are looking for.

MC Visual Concepts highlight DVDs are professionally edited. We take footage that you provide
and edited it down to the specific plays you want.

MC Visual Concepts Films takes these plays and create super slow motion effects and instant replays to display all of your skills.

A special feature MC Visual Concepts offer for our highlight DVDs is our player indicator. During the highlights we freeze a frame of film. Then we insert an arrow and the players name to show their position on the film more clearly. This is a great way for coaches to recognize where you are on the film.